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How This Works

What Is iCheckedIn.Online?

A contact tracing service, without any tracking.

How Is My Data Used and Kept?

Your data is simply stored for 30 days. It is not used unless we need to notify of you of an outbreak, or unless you have entered an email address where by you have subscribed to the establishments email list.
Your data is stored encrypted for your security.
Your data is anonymous to the establishment, with the exception of your email address.
This means the establishment never see's your name and phone number.

If an email is entered, your name is also given for their mailing list.
If the venue uses a third party to manage their email lists called mailchimp, your name and number might be automatically entered there. You can see their service at www.mailchimp.com

What is contact tracing

Contact tracing is simply a way of tracing who you may have come in to contact with.
We help you trace your contact with people, without tracking you. Our service does not know your whereabouts before or after you leave a venue.


Incase of an outbreak!
You do not need to touch a "shared pen", or rely on the establishment keeping paper records.

What Information Am I Giving You?

You provide your name and phone number, which is logged in our system at the establishment you visited.

Why Should I Check In

It's Important for your safety.
Checking-in means you will be notified if an outbreak has been traced to an establishment you have visited.

Why Do You Ask For My Email Address?

If you'd like to enter the mailing list of the establishment you are visiting, you can enter your email.
Your name and email address is shared with the venue if you choose this option.

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